your purpose

 Empowering Communities through
    Leadership. Dignity. Purpose. Service. Team
    Social Responsibility. Awareness. Connection.                Excellence. Making a Difference together.

our mission


We believe that when people discover their self worth, they will create a Circular Motion of self-expression and transformation within their community.

Through our teachings and experiential learning, every man, woman and child will live their purpose.

DIGNITY UNIVERSAL is a World Center that awakens and honors the Universal Home within by cultivating Love and Connection. Empowering Families and Communities through Transformation, Education, Growth and Healing.

Creating World Leaders leading with Dignity, Purpose and Social Responsibility.


know our programs 

Creating World Leaders™

CWL is an experiential three day workshop that connects our youth to their true purpose and sets them up to be a world leader in today's fast pace world of constant change.  


  • Creating World Leaders... 
  • Creating Togetherness...
  • Waking up the innate gifts in everyone... 
  • Living Our Purpose, Serving Others...
  • Putting Social Responsibility into Action.

SERVICE = LOVE in Action



DIGNITY UNIVERSAL is proud to present a world center where Leaders of Love & Service will grow to Make a Difference in their Community. We offer a wide variety of programs for our youth, adult, and organizations. 



              SPONSOR A LEADER

Our 2015 goal is to sponsor and connect 1500 youth leaders from New York, India and Dominican Republic through the Creating World Leaders™ basic program this year by raising $75,000 by November 11, 2015. With your support and contribution, we are creating a #Regeneration of World Leaders by empowering our youth to be the difference. To Sponsor a World Leader or Make a Contribution, click here:   

creating world leaders™ (advance)

CWL Advance course is a celebration of the completion of The LOL Movement's World Leader's Project. We will review their journey, celebrate the difference they made, acknowledge and guide them into a definite action plan towards what's next in their life. 

Steps to greatness™

Steps to Greatness is a one day, goal-oriented workshop designed for our youth to create a clear step-by-step vision to have their dreams become a reality. This workshop will empower them to start building for success at an early age. 

The LOL Movement™

LOL(Love.Out.Loud) is a 12 week leadership program that merges the essence and teachings of Eastern Holistic Arts with accelerated learning technology and a true global perspective, providing critically effective thinking tools and habits for every day success.


Living your purpose™

LYP is a one day adult workshop that connects the participants to their life’s purpose through experiential exercises that enhances their passions and creative skills. 

Challenge Yourself Forward™ 

CYF is coaching and consultation services for personal, executive and leadership development and corporate training that will allow for custom program designs and curriculum development for the sole purpose of Challenging Yourself and/or Your Business Forward.  


Youth coaching provides a space for the student to address social emotional needs and hidden beliefs that are creating static with the domains of academics, family dynamics, relationships and personal self development.  

YOUTH programs 

ADult programs 


MMI is a one day adult workshop that will uncover the hidden truths of turning your passions into a lucrative business. this workshop will highlight the strategies self made millionaires have used to create their empire. 

womens queenship series

WQS is a series of one day workshops for women designed to tap into the universal of feminine grace. this series will connect women to their inner power, healing the past and creating the life they dream if in a step by step series. 

THE dignity learning center 

Welcome to the Homework Zone.  

The Dignity Learning Center is available for all students as an after school program providing a unique space that inspires each student to learn while enjoying the academic excellence commitment Dignity Universal offers. Benefits include: Unlimited Math and Reading Coaching, once a week goal setting, and biweekly assessments.   

HOURS: Monday - Thursday 4PM - 6:45PM

Fridays vary with Center events like movie nights, talent nights, creative workshops.  


Once a month, the Second Saturday of the month, world healers come together at Dignity Universal to provide free reiki, acupuncture, body work, and reflexology. A complete treatment to rejuvenate, heal and give back to yourself. Every month, second Saturday of the month,

from 1PM - 5PM. 

the gathering of the love breath

Once a month, the Second Sunday of the month, world renowned spiritual leader Fariduddin Johnson facilities a universal meditation and group discussion on how we can grow together diving into the magic of who we are. 


Our Vision is to connect the world by bringing people together to:

1. To Transform the way we teach our children

so they are solution forward thinkers.

2. Creating World Leaders by giving the youth a     voice to make an impact. 

3. Developing a foundation for a healthy mind,

     body and soul for all men and women.   

 4. Uniting families under one common goal to          create sustainable communities.
5. Putting social responsibility into action.