Michelle Jeovanny Lopez is a Certified Transformational Trainer, Life Coach, Program Designer and film writer, a visionary and innovator.  She believes in the Power of Oneness, her vision in bringing people together in Love and Service is reflected in Dignity Universal's core message: We Are One. Her mission is to awaken the world to their inner Power, creating oneness and raising the vibration of the world through all her creations. Michelle has designed and is the Co-Founder of various Dignity trainings including Creating World Leaders, The LOL Movement, Steps to Greatness, among others, offering personal, team, adult and youth leadership development, aiming to create large scale community service projects and events for the sole purpose of raising awareness, creating connection and contribution. She has been trained and mentored by Master Trainers from the Transformational Leaders Council.  

​ Michelle has coached adults, youth leaders, teams, couples and politician leaders and has been an active contributor to different transformation training centers, schools, companies, organizations, orphanages and mission centers in Africa, India, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, and the United States, impacting millions around the world. Her no nonsense approach and fierce commitment to people living their dreams and realizing their full potential makes her coaching one of a kind. Her goal is to create a world community of leaders leading with Dignity, an army of love living their purpose serving the betterment of human kind, leaving behind a pay-it-forward campaign of love in action for world transformation, growth, healing and education. She joins many leaders in bringing transformation to the mainstream. Her deep interest in Consciousness, East-West Philosophy, Noetic Sciences, Healing modalities, Astro-theology and Film makes her an activist and philanthropist at heart, seeking to create and spread awareness of Love’s presence and the miracles we can create together.  With degrees in International Business, Finance, and Marketing from Long Island University, Transformation from Trainer Design Global, Michelle has over 15 years of experience within operations, marketing, team building and leadership development.



Rossmery Gomez is a well recognized Youth International Speaker and Success Coach expert in empowering young adults to awaken their passion, achieve greatness, and create the life they've always dreamed of. Her vision is to connect our youth to their life’s purpose, to connect people to their purpose so they live a life of passion, abundance and love. She is the Co-Founder of the CWL Program (Creating World Leaders), and co-creator of various Dignity trainings including The LOL Movement, Dare to Dream, Steps to Greatness among others. She is the CEO and Founder of Rossmery Gomez Enterprise.  Rossmery has touched the lives of thousands of students all around the world through her seminars, programs and keynote speeches. She appeared on one of the Top Hispanic radio stations in NYC,  Amor 93.1, she was part of NBC Telemundo special program “Transform your life with Karen Hoyos” and was featured on a popular morning show in the country of Ecuador,“RCN Noticias,” as well as Dominican Republic.  

Rossmery is a true visionary and huge activist for the humankind and for all of life. She believes in the power of the human heart and how life can be so simple once we are all connected living our life's purpose. Her goal is to leave a regeneration of Creating World Leaders that lead and do everything with dignity. She is a single mother of two beautiful children, Dibrian and Dynalie, who serve a very important role as the fuel behind her passion to serving and guiding our youth in creating success in their lives. She studied Criminology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Originally from the Dominican Republic. Rossmery combines her warm heart with experiences of growing up in the South Bronx, trained by Global Leaders, and having served in the US Army for 4 years as a Military police officer, to bring a unique powerful message that is sure to touch anyone around the world starting with the youth promising to create a regeneration. 



Joydev Mitra is a Certified Transformation Trainer, life coach, and philanthropist. He is a self made Entrepreneur, Financial Expert and Facilitator. His dedication is to serve people by having them experience their true potential, bringing joy and abundance into their lives and the lives of others.  Joydev focuses on creating social responsibility and sustainability with all his coaching programs. 

Joydev is the Founder and Creator of NYMPCO and International Outsourcing, import/export companies which serve and connects the city of New York with the world.  Prior to NYMPCO, Joydev worked for the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a philanthropic organization that assists in the well being of Jewish people in the community. He completed his studies in International Business from SUNY Stony Brook. In his 17 years of experience in the world of business, he has found a passion in teaching others about their own relationship to money, and how to turn their passions and dreams into a lucrative business. His teachings empowers people to follow their passion, while serving others, creating abundance for themselves and their community, which is the vision he wants to leave behind for his two precious children, Zella and Yogi. 

Joydev brings his Indian teachings combined with his expertise in creating abundance through sharing their passion and living their life’s purpose. His vision is for all of life to be free and fully self expressed, creating trust, abundance, clarity and power. He believes that when people truly believe in their dreams and take a stand for all of life,
they will find true success and happiness. 

THEIR LEGACY of Creating world leaders leading with dignity AND PURPOSE

Together these visionaries form the Creative Team and they are committed to Creating World Leaders that lead with Dignity and Purpose, leaders who honor life, who they are, their visions, their families, neighbors, strangers, communities, honoring our world. The Creative Team is working diligently to inspire the world to come together and really create the life they dream of. When we live our dreams and honor each other, we create permission and the space for the world to do the same. Every thought, word and action is a message, and has an impact on one another, regardless of time or distance. Their mission is to create oneness, love, and joyful successful leaders living their purpose, creating abundance, taking responsibility for shaping our world for the future generations to come.